Old Savannah Tours

Old Savannah Tours

Celebrating 44 Years Touring Savannah

For over 40 years Old Savannah Tours has been providing visitors to Savannah an intriguing and fascinating experience of Savannah’s rich history. The tours have been created by Savannahians and refined over time by personal research and local experience which makes each tour as different and descriptive as each guide’s love for Savannah. Being Savannah’s oldest locally owned tour company is a matter of pride at Old Savannah Tours, (Established in 1979) and visitors are often reminded that it’s no accident that “Savannah” is their middle name.

Since their re-branding in 2012, Old Savannah Tours has presented authentic costumed actors portraying some of Savannah’s more notable historical personalities and other storied figures during their trolley tours. Characters include Florence Martus who is also known as the “Waving Girl”, Caty Green who tells tales of her revolutionary war husband, General Nathaniel Green, and even Forrest Gump. Throw in a strikingly real visit from a pirate or two, and you have a “something to write home about” understanding of Old Savannah Tours’ theme, “We bring Savannah’s history to life”.

A variety of tour choices provide tours tailored to fit the schedules of virtually any visitor to Savannah. The Historic On/ Off Tour can be an all-day experience. The shorter Savannah Historic Overview Tour (100 minutes) brings Savannah’s history to life within a more compact time frame. At night, Old Savannah Tours Grave Encounters will bring Savannah’s dead back to life. Some of the same personalities that you meet in the daytime will reappear at night in their ghostly persona. As well as a few other ghostly visitors. And if you need a laugh, their new comedy ghost tour, BOO Y’ALL will have you dying laughing.

Old Savannah Tours also offers private group tours, transportation services for weddings, reunions, and any other event.

Old Savannah Tours
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