River Street

River Street

The bustling waterfront of a port city is still alive today as one of Savannah’s most active and vibrant areas! Cobblestone-paved River Street is lined with 19th century warehouses where goods--primarily giant bales of cotton--were offloaded from ships or stored in preparation for their long journey across the Atlantic. Today the warehouses are home to more than 75 unique galleries, restaurants, artists’ studios and shops including some of the city’s most popular and recognizable names. Sip and snack along the riverwalk, or pause on a bench to watch some of the world’s largest container vessels sail past downtown on their way upriver to the modern Port of Savannah.

River Street market place savannah
River Street market place savannah
River Street Market Place
Dub's Savannah
Dub's Pub
Boar's Head Grill & Tavern

Savannah Riverboat

Wet Willie's River Street


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