Savannah’s American Prohibition Museum is an Intoxicating Adventure

With over 20 exciting exhibits, Savannah’s American Prohibition Museum isn’t like other “dry” museum experiences: this intoxicating museum is the only one in the country dedicated to the era of American history when the manufacture and sale of alcohol was prohibited!

Tucked away in Savannah’s vibrant City Market district, this museum space is over 6000 square feet of interactive exhibits based on the meticulous historical research and cutting edge technology that museum-goers expect from Historic Tours of America, who maintain museums and tour operations in Boston, Key West, Nashville, San Diego, St. Augustine and Washington D.C. as well as in Savannah with Old Town Trolley Tours’ recognizable green and orange tour trolleys. When you step inside the Prohibition Museum, you’re stepping back in time to the roaring 20s, reliving the tumultuous history of the Temperance and Prohibition Movements and how they affected both the city of Savannah and the country at large. Museum guests follow along with history to learn about the unintended consequences of the 18th Amendment, which prohibited the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol within the United States, bringing about the boom of black market dealing and organized crime. Exciting exhibits include more than 200 artifacts including restored Prohibition era vehicles, an extensive collection of authentic moonshine stills, captivating dioramas and immersive high-tech displays, and costumed docents who inform and entertain from start to finish.

When guests have traversed the entire walk-through museum, they are met with an intimidating door where they are asked for a password. What could be beyond? An authentic speakeasy, of course! During museum hours, Congress Street Up offers period-authentic cocktails (and mocktails) made with the same ingredients that would have been used at the time, as well as a knowledgeable bartender to describe what it would have been like to visit a speakeasy during the time when alcohol was prohibited. After the museum closes, guests can return to Congress Street Up from a separate entrance on Congress Street to enjoy an expanded drink menu and entertainment late into the evening.

The American Prohibition Museum is located at 209 W St. Julian Street in the City Market district, just blocks away from the Robinson parking garage. For more information, to purchase tickets or inquire about events or group discounts, call the museum at (912) 220-1249. Learn more about the exhibits and speakeasy at

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