Provisions Wine & Groceries

And, a community gathering place

Located downtown on Liberty Street, Provisions prides itself on its curated wine selection. From bold reds to crisp whites, their shelves showcase organic and low-intervention wines that are unique and special finds. Whether you are seeking a rare vintage or a casual sipper, Provisions has your glass covered.

Beyond the wine racks, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, and specialty foods await. Try pairing a robust Cabernet Sauvignon with a creamy Brie or a zesty Sauvignon Blanc with tangy olives. Provisions elevates your culinary adventures and sets the scene. Imagine yourself in Forsyth Park’s lush greenery, warm sunshine, and a cozy picnic blanket with a Provisions bespoke picnic basket – filled with golden baguettes, local cheeses, and fresh blooms that transform an ordinary day into a beautiful landscape.


Their gift items, sourced from local artists and makers, radiate authenticity. From handcrafted ceramics to gourmet jams, each piece tells a story of Savannah’s vibrant community because Provisions isn’t just a store; it’s a gathering place. Wine clubs convene for tastings, where laughter and clinking glasses echo. Dancing events and classes fill the space with the joy of shared experience on special occasions. Follow @provisions.sav to see upcoming workshops and fun pop-ups.

Whether you’re selecting a bottle of wine or joining one of the lovely soirees, Provisions invites you to savor life’s flavors and forge connections. Enjoy, and tell them your TRAVELHOST sent you!

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